Environmentally Friendly Sustainable Flooring


Wood flooring is much more environmentally-friendly than carpeting or tile because it’s a sustainable flooring resource. Tile does not biodegrade, so when it’s broken and replaced, it ends up in landfills forever unless it’s recycled. And carpeting is one of the biggest landfill problems we have. The most sustainable flooring on the market today is hardwood flooring.

According to the E.P.A., 2 million tons of carpeting end up in U.S. landfills every year. If a person keeps carpeting in their house for their entire lifetime, they will replace it an average of 7-10 times.

Sustainable bamboo flooring stairs
Bamboo stairs

Rarely ever needing to be replaced, hardwood flooring is a sustainable and renewable resource that can last the lifetime of the house if it’s maintained properly. I once looked at an 88 year old farm house, and even though the hardwood floors were severely neglected and there was surface damage, they still did not need to be replaced; just sanded and refinished.

Bamboo, having the least environmental impact of all the flooring materials because it can be harvested every 5 years from the same plant, is very competitively priced these days. The bamboo flooring we offer is solid wood, just like other hardwoods, and will last as long as any other hardwood.

Bamboo is a very sustainable flooring resource. It only takes about 4 years for it to reach maturity and be harvested for flooring, stair treads, heating vents etc.

We offer water-base finish as an environmentally-friendly alternative as well.

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