Hardwood floors how much can they take?

Oak hardwoodfloor in Fort Collins Co
Before sanding

Hardwood floors how much can they take? Well, that is a good questions. I hope I can answer it without causing more confusion. Surprisingly hardwood floors can take a lot of abuse over the years. As you can see in the picture.

This floor has been used, it has been used a lot. You can see that the floor finish which protects the floor has worn off causing it to turn gray. A lot of people think that when this happens the floor is ruined and it needs to be ripped out. No! That is the beauty of having hardwood flooring. But, please do not get me wrong and I do not wish to miss lead you in thinking that wood floors are indestructible. As you can see by the next picture it cleaned up pretty good.

Oak hardwood floor Fort Collins Co
Same hardwood floor after sanding

This floor was sanded and finish with three coats of Glitsa Swedish finish, natural. Glitsa Swedish Finish Myths and Facts Please go to their website http://glitsa.com/to learn more about this finish. Like I stated earlier wood floor  are not indestructible and I do not recommend letting a floor go this long. When the floor finish wears off the floor like this it is now vulnerable to water damage. So the key is this, after you get your floors re-sanded you should never have to re-sand the floor for a long long time. You are required to do periodic re-coats to keep the floor looking beautiful. How do you know when to re-coat? That will be in another blog that I will do in the immediate future. One thing I can tell you is this. If your floor is getting hard to clean, that is one of the signs that your floor needs to be re-coated. So start thinking about getting it done.