Flooring Stains

Custom Flooring Stains:

Seemed a bit busy, but It works.
Seemed a bit busy, but It works.

We will provide stain samples directly on your floor so you will have a more accurate idea of how it will look on your wood
and with your lighting. We will also mix custom stain colors and do custom stain designs and patterns. For a color chart of the stains we use, please click here.

White oak is the best wood to use if you plan on applying a stain as it does not alter the color of the stain
as much as red oak or more yellow woods. For example, red oak will add a slightly red tinge to any stain put on it.

multi stained steps
Footprint custom stained steps

A custom stain such as this checkerboard design that went through the entire house can definitely give your floor a personal look nobody else will have. Each floor is unique anyway, but stains can sometimes really bring out the beauty in a certain type of wood. Maple and other very hard woods are difficult to stain however, so talk to us about any custom stain ideas you may have before you order your wood.

Custom stain half done.
Custom stain half done
Custom stain finished
Custom stain finished


Custom stains don’t have to cover your entire floor. They can be used as accents or to highlight a certain feature of your house as well. Such as the floor below which greatly enhances the custom window seat we did as well.