Floor Finishes

Hardwood Flooring Finishes:


This is a commercial grade finish and is the most durable finish today for hardwood floors. It can only be purchased and applied by a professional hardwood flooring company and requires special precautions when handling it, plus, all pets and people must be out of the house for a minimum of 3 days. The Swedish finish has large amounts of alcohol in it which in large quantities can take the oxygen out of the air making it dangerous to breathe in its liquid form. Once the finish is dry, it is perfectly safe, but the house should be aired out by opening all the windows to get the strong smell out. Glitsa Swedish is a Low- Build finish, meaning it does not rely on thickness for durability and will look thinner on the floor than poly. Even though it looks thinner, it is not uncommon for a Glitsa Swedish finish floor to last up to 7-10 years without needing a recoat if it is properly taken care of.


Not as durable as the Swedish finish and we price it the same. On average, you may be looking at having to recoat a polyurethane floor approximately every 4-5 years depending on how you take care of it. One benefit is that you can touch it up yourself. This is a High-Build finish meaning it will look thick on the floor.



The least durable of the finishes but appropriate for people who may have health concerns, restaurants (because of food issues) or other environmental concerns. Lasts approximately 1-2 years between recoats. Low-Build Finish. NOTE: Water-base will have a slightly milky appearance.



Our clear floor finishes come in Glossy, Semi-Gloss and Matte (Satin) sheens.