Trip to Alabama

Well my trip to Alabama was “interesting” and a bit of a challenge. Being used to doing floors in a dry climate like Colorado, I was faced with a few challenges in the 85% humidity of Alabama.

To get my followers up to speed, I have a regular repeat customer in Colorado who hired me to go all the way to Birmingham, AL to do two of his houses down there. I thought my biggest problem would be forgetting some tool or something I needed back in CO, but it was dealing with the humidity in AL that was the biggest problem. It literally took days for my finishes to dry, scraping and sanding was a challenge because it was so humid that the sawdust created by my sanding equipment would stick to everything. I was soaking wet from sweat after only about 5 minutes of work….but….that awesome Southern Cooking made up for it. I got some amazing down home Southern food there and probably gained about 10 pounds before I came back to CO.

To top it off, I just had another customer ask me if I would do a floor for him in Indiana. Not sure the food will be quite the same though. Plus I think the mileage would be killer.