Hand Scraped Floors

Hand-scraped flooring was a fad for a while. It gives a floor a very old, weathered, rustic look. But eventually people came to realize that you can never get a hand-scraped floor resanded.

Just because a certain type of flooring is available does not mean it is necessary a good type to have in certain climates or for certain applications. For instance, this week I was asked by a customer to look at their hand-scraped floor because they wanted some boards removed and to have it refinished. Well…while hand-scraped floors were all the rage a few years ago and they look cool, the biggest problem with them is they cannot be re-sanded without destroying that hand-scraped look. Not only that, but I had to tell this customer not to get their hopes up about replacing boards because it would be next to impossible to get replacement hand-scraped flooring to match her existing floor.

I also had to recently explain to a customer why wide plank flooring, which is basically any flooring with boards that are wider than 3 1/4 inches, has it’s drawbacks because wider boards tend to warp and move more readily than the standard 2 1/4 or 3 1/4 inch wide boards. In more humid climates, this can end up being a big problem in years to come when a wide plank floor starts warping and moving and boards start popping up etc.

If you are thinking about any kind of exotic wood or unusual version of flooring, it is best to run your ideas passed a hardwood flooring professional first so they can tell you all the pros and cons before you spend thousands of dollars on a floor only to be disappointed with it in a few years.