Good News for Plank Flooring Lovers

plank_layers_newstyle-300x58Good news to all the people who like plank flooring. I was not a big fan of plank flooring (anything over 3 1/4 of an inch in width. 4,5,6, all the way up to seven or 8 inches in width), because by basic woodworking principles any board over 3 1/4 of an inch may cup, warp or crown on you.

My recent trip to Las Vegas Nevada to check out the surface convention changed all that. My distributors, who were also there,  introduced me to a manufacturer of plank flooring who explained to me the new technique they are using to manufacture it for better stability.

What plank flooring manufacturers are doing now is making wider flooring in an engineered form – which from the top looks exactly like solid flooring, but you have about an eighth of an inch sanding surface with plywood underneath which gives stability to the wider board. What a wonderful, and long-overdue concept in hardwood flooring.

With this new technology, you do not have the issues of wide boards cupping or warping as easily, which makes plank flooring much more appealing than it used to be for those of you who like the wide board look but didn’t like the issues that often came with going with a wider board.