We Don’t Usually Stain Maple Floors but…

…This maple floor turned out Beautiful!

I usually try to avoid staining maple floors, simply because they never turn out looking very good. The grain characteristics of maple make it so it does not take stain well without being blotchy. Maple has such a variation from soft grain that absorbs a lot of stain, to hard grain that barely absorbs any stain, and this makes it impossible to get an even distribution of stain across an entire floor.

But just this week I did a maple re-sand and stained it dark and it turned out beautiful. I still had to take extra steps to even out the stain, and it was very time-consuming because of it, but the job looked so incredible, the first thing the homeowner did was take pictures of it to send to people he knew. He was stunned at how well it turned out; so was I.

Normally I recommend if you want a dark stain on your floor to go with white oak because it takes stain the best without the wood adding much color to it like red oak would. But in this case, the floor was pre-existing and the homeowners had a light stain on it already that they were not happy with.

So…keep in mind, if you are thinking about going with a stain, the type of wood you use can make a huge difference in the outcome of how that stain will look.