Custom Stairs

We have done many, many different styles of stairs with every imaginable type of wood. We can install custom railings, unique designs on landings, and do custom stains such as the colorful footprints we did on one set of stairs for a lady in Boulder, Colorado.

cherry steps  cherry step wrought iron1  footprint custom stain

multi stained steps
Footprint custom stained steps

Walnut Stained stairs

custom wood stairs
Custom stained stairs and painted handrailings

The pictures below are of a curved landing with three curve steps and a flight of steps. The three nosings were laminated into one curve peace. It was a bit of a challenge, but yet it was fun.
The steps were old carpeting when we started. Now they are solid oak steps with end caps, oak risers, we even covered up the sides that were old beat up pine and now are oak. We removed the old balusters and then reinstall them at the end of the job.
We also installed new flooring in the dining room, upstairs hall and living room, patched some flooring in the kitchen and then re-sanded the nook, kitchen, entry and added a light stain. We used Glitsa Swedish Finish.

Custom Curved Step before.
Custom Curved Step After in Red Oak

Some custom carpentry work we can do in our shop, prefinish it and bring it to your house ready to install.

DC custom curved step nosings fabricated in our shop