Benefits of Harwood Flooring over Carpeting

The Benefits of Hardwood over Carpeting.

Hardwood is:

– Easy to keep clean and thus lowers allergens. Important for people who have asthma, sinus or breathing difficulties or allergies.

– Cozy: Hardwood adds a warmth and cleanliness to a home.

– Durable: Hardwood will last the lifetime of the house if taken care of correctly. It holds up well to pets and high traffic better than carpeting.

– Elegant and adds resale value to a home where carpeting does not.

– Can usually be brought back to life with a simple resand or recoat.

– New carpeting off-gases harmful toxins (thus that new carpet smell). Hardwood finishes will off-gas for about a week and then are done. Each time you get new carpeting (every 7-8 years on average) you are subjecting yourself to harmful toxins all over again.

– More economical over the lifetime of the home owner. See our page on carpeting vs hardwood costs.